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Blue is the New Green: How Armstrong is Reducing Landfill Waste

January 13, 2023

To support corporate sustainability efforts and better protect our planet and its inhabitants, Armstrong has committed to reducing their overall waste footprint across the markets we serve.

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How COVID-19 Changed Hospital Design

November 25, 2022

Here are four healthcare design trends that have become particularly prominent in reaction to the pandemic.

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Why Houston Is Winning the Return-to-Office Race

November 4, 2022

Around the country, CEOs are beginning to execute their highly-anticipated return-to-work plans — but it’s not all smooth sailing.

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Opening a New Hotel or Restaurant in Houston? Start Planning your FF&E

October 12, 2022

Houston ranks among the top 20 metro areas in the United States for new business applications, outranking both Dallas and Austin.

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From Just in Time to Just in Case: The New Inventory Approach

August 25, 2022

The new approach is called the “just-in-case” model, a balance between the conventional just-in-time system and the panicked stockpile mentality.

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7 Tips for Renovating a Senior Living Community

August 8, 2022

For some senior living communities, renovating or rehabilitating the facilities is critical to preparing for this growth.

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Retail Storage Solutions to Boost Your Bottom Line

June 30, 2022

As retailers face crippling supply-chain disruptions, efficient inventory and warehouse management are critical to companies’ health.

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7 Reasons to Move Your Family to Katy, Texas

May 31, 2022

Over the past decade, Katy has quietly been moving up the list of Texas’ best places to live. 

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Moving to Houston? Consider River Oaks, Rice Village and Memorial

May 2, 2022

If you’re considering a move to Houston, here are three neighborhoods in the Downtown vicinity you should consider for the area’s best amenities.

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Everything You Need to Know About Live Unloading

March 31, 2022

Live unloading can reduce risk to a business’s bottom line when effectively managed.Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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