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March 16, 2021

What You Need to Know: Moving Seniors into a Living Facility

There comes a time to discuss living arrangements for the elders of our family. Family members of those moving have asked, “What can I do to alleviate moving complications?”

This time can be challenging and stressful. Moving symbolizes a new chapter in life. A welcome or unwelcome transition, it is important to understand the journey ahead for both you and your family and make the right preparations in advance. If you’ve recently visited relatives or have growing concerns over a senior in your family, we have identified common challenges and tips to make the seamless transition to the senior living community.

The age of adults moving into these facilities is becoming younger. For most assisted living facilities, ages 62+ can move in. This continuing trend of younger individuals might suggest it is time to further consider when the move is right. In the United States alone, approximately 1.4 million people are living in these communities.

Common challenges or setbacks may occur before the boxes are even packed. This type of move is often more difficult than other situations. In most cases it involves downsizing from a traditional, family home to a smaller apartment which can be mentally and physically taxing to move what can feel like a senior’s whole life into a new condensed space. Accumulated belongings over the years can be hard to part with, not to mention the new lifestyle that will come with this new community. Whether this move is planned or sudden, once the decision is made some logistical challenges may come into play. This includes organizing and packing up belongings, loading and unloading, unpacking and reorganizing. This is a physical struggle for most in relatively good health, but for aging individuals or those with complications, it can be particularly taxing. If you are the family member of a senior, alleviating the moving pain emotionally and physically is crucial. Below are some tips to help guide you through this process.

Focus on Peace of Mind

It is natural and understandable to feel a sense of guilt when moving a family member to a senior living community. But, it is important to recognize the peace of mind that comes with knowing, were a health complication or difficulty with a daily task to arise, the right people will be present and ready to help. This change can be difficult, but sticking by your loved one’s side and giving them peace of mind can alleviate nervousness. Guiding them to the right community with others having similar needs can also soften the transition.

Give the Transition Time

Adjustments take time. This is a simple concept but can often be overlooked. In the process of organizing, moving and getting someone settled in their new home, it is common to quickly judge the first few days or weeks of the new routine. We recommend to give it 30 days. As a family you will go through an adjustment phase and will need time to gain perspective. After the first month, you will have more understanding of the situation and will be able to more accurately judge whether the new accommodations are the right fit for your loved one. He or she will phase into their new routine and become more familiar with the facility layout, schedules and staff.

Hire a Reliable Company

There is much to be done with a move and every individual involved has a role to play. The main obstacle of this process is the move itself. After the decision is made to transition to a senior living community, you don’t want an issue with the move adding to an already stressful situation. Placing trust in a reliable company that recognizes the significance and challenges of this type of move is critical.

When choosing a mover, it’s about more than physically moving belongings. Rely on a company equipped to make the move seamless — a team that sees your family as more than a transaction. Reliable movers don’t pack and unload leaving you to handle the rest. Instead, they offer coordination ahead of time and additional services and resources like packing materials, unpacking, organization and set-up. Find a relocation company that has a heart for the people it serves and takes great care of the work they do and the relationships they build.

If you are discussing a possible relocation for a family member, trust a moving company to do the heavy lifting and give you the ability to focus on what really matters: your family. Armstrong Relocation – Houston builds trust, reduces stress and delivers reliable services with a customer-centric approach. For more information call us at 281.897.1118 or request a quote online.


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