January 26, 2021

Moving to the Houston Suburbs: What You Need to Know

As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston, TX offers a variety of great food, entertainment and diverse neighborhood options across its massive land area. Pair these qualities with a great job market, warm weather year-round, and a lower cost of living than neighboring metro areas, and it’s no surprise that the population has increased and will continue to increase over the next decade.

While downtown Houston is where you’ll find the majority of sporting events, new restaurants and other social attractions, the metro area has so many attractive suburbs with amenities that will make the occasional commute more than worth the move into a high-value, family-friendly home. From the relaxed, lush environment of The Woodlands to affluent Sugar Land, the convenience of Katy, and the top notch education of Pearland, there is no shortage of amazing options when moving to Houston’s suburbs.

Still on the fence about settling down in the ‘burbs? Let’s take a look at some of the BEST benefits.

Cost of Living

While housing prices are expensive and climbing in neighboring cities like Austin and Dallas, a large family home in the Houston suburbs is much more affordable. While you may spend more on insurance, you’ll save since there is no state income tax and energy costs are very reasonable. With plenty of employment options scattered throughout the metro area, your money can go a long way and buy you a LOT of house.


Suburbs like Pearland offer an enormous amount of quality education options that are simply not accessible in Houston city limits. You’ll find everything from public schools with exemplary statuses to plenty of higher education options, like the University of Houston – Clear Lake Pearland.


When you think of your day-to-day life, you’ll probably go to the grocery store a lot more than you’ll visit the zoo, so save that commute for special occasions and live closer to convenience. The Houston region has more than 100 H-E-B supermarkets, but you’ll also find a variety of options like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in places like The Woodlands.


If we’re talking about safety, the Houston suburbs are a great option for laying down your roots. In fact, places like Sugar Land have been noted for their low crime rates. You’ll also find more family-oriented businesses in the suburban strip malls, as opposed to the adult-centric options located in the city. You will find more planned communities with amenities like splash pads, gated neighborhoods, clubhouses, pools, and closer proximities to schools, too.


Let’s face it—Texas is a huge state. When you’re not able to fly out of one of the area’s three airports, you might still want to take a vacation, particularly one that’s more affordable for the family. The answer? The suburbs on Houston’s south side! Suburbs like Pearland and Friendswood offer a quick and convenient exit strategy for weekend adventures to beaches, like the shores of Galveston. Bet you didn’t think that beach living could be a regular part of your life in the Houston area, did ya?

Sure, moving to the Houston suburbs means you might have a longer commute to the city’s trendiest restaurants and major entertainment attractions, but for overall quality of life it’s hard to beat the ‘burbs. You won’t regret a longer drive to the Houston Rodeo when your kids are getting a great education from a top school right around the corner and across the street from everything else you need in life. The city will always be there for fun, but it’s the place you call home that matters.

If you are considering moving from the city to the Houston suburbs, let Armstrong Relocation – Houston help!

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