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October 22, 2020

The Pros of Hiring Professionally Trained Packers

It’s no secret: moving is a stressful. From sorting and categorizing to struggling to move heavy items, it’s a time consuming and tiring process. While packing may be the most tedious of all moving tasks, it’s the most important step to ensuring your belongings make it to their new home safely.

If your treasured possessions aren’t packed just right you could be opening boxes full of broken glass and shattered memories. If you’re anxious about packing your belongings, you may be considering a full-service mover that could manage it all for you. So, what are the pros of doing so? As your local, full-service moving team, Armstrong – Houston has all the insights to help you break down the benefits of hiring a professional packing team.

More time, less stress

No matter how big or small the move, packing can be a stressful and time-consuming chore. If you have a family or a full-time job, finding the time to properly prepare for a move can be especially challenging. People often fail to take the work of packing seriously, which results in the last-minute tossing of household items into secondhand boxes that are less than desirable for a move and protecting your belongings. With a team of professionally-trained packers, no longer do you have to take on the stress of packing your home.

By hiring a full-service mover that offers packing (and unpacking) services, your assigned move coordinator will handle all of the logistics associated with scheduling your packing services, leaving you more time more time to focus on other move tasks or simply enjoy your last few days at your current residence.

Plus, having a professional team to unpack your home is especially helpful when making a long-distance move. You’ll have even more time on your hands to get to know your new city and really make it feel like home instead of staying cooped up organizing a messy self-done packing job.

Less chance of moving injuries

Moving is hard work and it means a lot of heavy lifting and strenuous labor. Rushing through your moving process or using inadequate materials can result in damages and possibly injuries during your move. With the experience of qualified relocation professionals, these are things you won’t have to worry about. Without proper training, heavy lifting can lead to back strain and other health-related issues. You can avoid all heavy lifting during your move by hiring a professional moving company to assist you with the process.

Packing is intensely physical work that isn’t always possible for people with limited mobility. If you have a disability, joint issues, or any chronic physical ailment, hiring a professional team to do your packing and heavy lifting is the best solution for you.

Reduces chance of damage

When you handle the majority of your packing responsibilities, you increase the chance of your items not being properly packed, ultimately resulting in damage while in transit. No worries, though! With Armstrong – Houston’s professional and experienced packers, your items are sure to arrive in one piece.

Experienced moving professionals understand exactly what it takes to turn a possibly difficult packing situation into a no-hassle job. Professionals have seen and moved it all, so there’s no item they haven’t navigated before. You also don’t have to worry about scratched wooden floors or scraped doorways while moving your self-packed items out the door. Our teams bring all the tools they need to keep everything in perfect condition.

Packing materials provided

When you’re getting ready to pack yourself, using those discarded boxes from local stores is strongly discouraged. Not only will they break easily, risking damage to your belongings, they may also carry allergens and grime that you don’t want coming into your new home! Additionally, the homemade padding and wrapping you use won’t be as safe and efficient as the Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap and professional packing materials Armstrong – Houston brings to the job.

When you leave the packing to the professionals, you’re sure to be assured quality packing materials. Professional relocation teams come prepared with all the proper boxes and wrapping materials for their customers. Sturdy, professional grade boxes help prevent fragile items from being damaged during your move. If you’re unsure about the investment to hire a full-service team, imagine the cost of replacing your valuables instead!

Packing takes time and planning if you really want to make sure your items arrive at your new home in one piece. Packing for a big move may feel very daunting, but with the right team and a solid plan, it doesn’t have to be! Make sure your belongings arrive at your new home in one piece with a professionally-trained team. Armstrong – Houston has a move team with decades of industry-leading experience, ensuring your move goes on without a hitch!

Contact Armstrong – Houston if you’d like to find a full-service moving team that can help you from start to finish. You can contact us online or over the phone at 281.897.1118.

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