May 14, 2020

Organizing an Office Move

Moving offices is often an exciting moment for companies across any industry. Just like moving to a new home, this milestone can be equally stressful. For businesses, executing a move in a smooth, time-efficient manner is important to get business back to normal. Choosing your move team, choosing a location, keeping employees informed, and all the other little things you need to take care of require a good plan from the beginning.

Armstrong – Houston has helped hundreds of teams relocate and get back to work quickly and stress-free. Your trusted, Bayou City-based movers have decades of experience to help you get through all the sticky office moving details. Let us help you get started with the tips and tricks below!

Plan Early

Just like any move, planning thoroughly and early will give you the advantage. There are several details you need hammered out before you start shopping for your moving team. You and your team will need to decide your ideal move date, what your budget constraints are, when you’re ready to announce your move to employees and customers, and gather an idea of what services you will need to be performed by your moving team.

Hire a Full-service Move Team

Full-service corporate relocation teams are there for you every step of the way. Teams like Armstrong – Houston will not only plan your relocation, but completely unpack and organize your new space, as well as reconnect your technology and reconfigure your new office furniture. Simply assign someone in your office the responsibility of becoming the main point of contact and your moving team will give you a project manager to plan and organize every detail. That means you and your team can get back to business as usual, faster.

Announce Your Move

Pick a good time to tell your team and most importantly, celebrate! This is a great opportunity to communicate openly and easily with your employees to help curb any adjustment stress they might feel. Make sure your team knows all the details they need to know and always keep them in the loop if there’s a move date change or other unexpected shifts. Everyone handles change differently. Be patient, be honest, and be clear about any tasks you may need them to take up in the coming months.

Organize Important Documents

Once your move date is scheduled, it’s time to get organized! You’ll want to ensure your company’s most important documents are accounted for, centralized, protected and ready for a move. For example, if your company likes to keep paper documents for taxes, contracts and vital employee information, make sure you know exactly where everything is and centralize it to one area instead of spread across your offices. This way your team can easily find your most valuable information and your move team can prioritize it during the move.

Additionally, when your move date is near , have your employees dedicate some time to cleaning and organizing their space. Most full-service moving teams will ask everyone to pack their loose desk items into a box, so they can then be taken to their desk space in your new office.

Market Your Move

This is a great opportunity to market your business and share this exciting new move for your team. Take the time to plan out some new materials like a video announcement, email blast, or company-wide announcement party. Whatever avenue you choose to announce your move, give a thorough explanation for your choice to move spaces and take time to brag on the team members who helped make it possible.

Once you’ve chosen how you plan to market your move, make sure you share those materials with your vendors and partners. When you and your team are settled into your new space, update your announcement, and send pictures or videos with an invitation to check out your new digs!

Make a Move Day Plan

While your full-service moving team is handling the heavy lifting, make sure you give your employees a clear update of what to expect on move-in day. Details like where everyone’s new individual working space will be, building amenities, fire emergency details, and other important information should be given to all employees well before the move. Your professional move team can help you distribute such communications.

Once your team is settled in the new space you can also have an after-move meeting just for answering questions about safety, security or other concerns.

The most important step you can take when planning your office move is hiring a dependable, trusted corporate relocation expert. By choosing a team like Armstrong, you’ll save time and your team can focus on getting back to business-as-usual quickly after a large-scale move.

Contact Armstrong Relocation – Houston online or over the phone 281.897.1118. We’re ready to help you from start to finish.

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